HDMI Cables

As for all digital connection, including HDMI, the importance of a high quality cable should not be underestimated to achieve an artifact free picture and clear sound. Although digital singling is used in HDMI cables, there are tight tolerances in the used voltage, signal timing as well as auxiliary control signals. Due to the high frequency being used in transmitting the HDMI signal the signal quality can deteriorate proportional to the length of the cable. All HDMI cable here a of premium quality, e.g. multiple shielding and high quality components being used. This is confirmed by the independent ATC certification for our premium HDMI cable range.

All HDMI cables, mini HDMI cables and DVI to HDMI cable cater for all shapes, sizes and lengths. It doesn't matter if you are looking to buy a mini HDMI cable for you camera or to buy a high quality HDMI cable to connect your Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Virgin Media box or Sky box ,you will find the right HDMI cable either standard, mini HDMI or DVI to HDMI in the right length and quality here. We also offer iPad HDMI, HDMI cable 3D and Micro HDMI cable.

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Once you have decided on your HDMI cable don't forget to check out our extended range of HDMI accessories like HDMI Splitter and HDMI Switches as well as our HDMI adapters and HDMI converter.