CAT T-Adapter CAT5

CAT T-Adapter CAT5
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Product Description

- 1 x RJ45 plug - 2 x RJ 45 sockets
- Usable as port doubler for CAT 5/ ISDN connections
- ca. 15cm cable length

Wiring layout:

*RJ45-Plug*  *RJ45- Socket1*       *RJ45-Socket2*
1            1
2            2
3            3
4            6
5                          1
6                          2
7                          3
8                          6

A standard 10 base T cable has 8 contacts (wires). For data, you use only 4 of those 8 wires for a single connection. This device splits the wires into 2 lines, so you don't have to run a second cat5 cable. You will need a splitter on both ends of your cable run for this to work. You can't just attach it to 1 end and expect it to work. You will not have a connection unless the device is at both ends of the cable run.

NOTE: This will only work for CAT5 as CAT6 uses mores than 4 wires.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer White label
SKU WC68908
Cable Length 0.2 m
Colour No
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