Anyone who enjoys shooting their own video material and uses HDMI cables to display the fruits of their directorial efforts will soon have a new tool to play with.

Sony is reportedly planning to launch a new, more compact update to its first 3D camcorder, the Sony HDR-TDR10E 3D camcorder. For what has been reported to be a similar price, this new version -the Sony HDR-TD20VE 3D camcorder – is around a third smaller than its predecessor.

The TD20VE also offers users the ability to take 20 megapixel photos, shoot full 2D and 3D video, and use a 3.5 inch glasses-free 3D screen. The only other changes are:

• A smaller inter-axial difference between the two wide angle lenses
• A shorter focal length range
• 185g less in weight

If you plan to purchase Sony’s new 3D camcorder when it is released in the UK, you will need to ensure you have the right HDMI cable ready. An HDMI 1.4 cable with the appropriate connector (micro or mini) will allow you to connect your 3D camcorder to your wide-screen 3D TV and view your video content in all their stunning, high definition 3D glory.