There have been several announcements in the last few months relating to the launch of brand new 3D TV channels, with Sky in particular taking the lead.

The latest news is that Sky is planning to team up with David Attenborough to create a 3D wildlife documentary called Galapagos 3D. This immersive and stunning viewing experience will only be available to those viewers who have a 3D-enabled TV, and who are subscribed to Sky’s 3D TV service.

Just as important as having a 3D-enabled TV is having the right HDMI cables on hand to connect everything up. You will need HDMI 1.4 cables, the latest version available, in order to fully enjoy the 3D experience.

If you don’t have Sky, you could still be enjoying 3D content through another 3D TV channel provider, such as Virgin Media, for example. The BBC also broadcasts a limited selection of 3D programmes, and it most recently trialled a 3D broadcast of its hit weekend show Strictly Come Dancing.

If you want to enjoy 3D TV, remember – you must have a 3D-enabled TV and the right HDMI cable in order to get started.