Online calculator determines Power over Ethernet distance and voltage

CommScope offers an online Power over Ethernet distance and voltage calculator, which allows users to determine the maximum distance and/or input voltages with PoE and PoE Plus devices. It is a tool that can be used in conjunction with CommScope’s Powered Fiber Cable System.

The calculator includes sliders, which a user can move left or right. When the calculator is set to find maximum distance, the user increases or decreases the power source (in volts) and device power (in watts). The calculator states the max distance, at those voltages and wattages, when using 16-AWG and 12-AWG current-carrying conductors. The calculator explains to users: “Distance calculated represents the hybrid cable length between the power source and the PoE extender. A Cat 6 cable (up to 90 meters) connects the PoE extender to the device. For distances exceeding 3000 meters, please contact our sales team.”