When you buy a new HDMI cable, it might also be a good idea to buy an HDMI cable angle adapter to go with your purchase.

Right angle HDMI adapters help prevent your HDMI cables from becoming bent, kinked and damaged when your try to connect them to devices with awkwardly angled connectors. They are also useful if you have a tight space between the back of a device and a wall or the back of a TV cabinet in which to fit and connect an HDMI cable.

Of course, HDMI cables are known for being very tough and hardy, but over time they can become damaged if they are bent and twisted too much. Using an HDMI angle adapter not only stops this from happening, but it can also help to extend the lives of your devices too, as much less stress is put on the HDMI port or socket.

Some people worry that they may experience signal loss by using an HDMI cable adapter, but this really isn’t the case. If you buy a quality HDMI cable and adapter, and choose gold-plated varieties of both, there should be no problem at all with signal strength or quality.