Following on from airing Strictly Come Dancing in 3D, which proved hugely popular with viewers, the BBC is planning to screen its first 3D film on New Year’s Day.

The film that has been chosen is StreetDance 3D, a Vertigo Films production, which follows a London dance crew as they prepare to compete in the UK Street Dance Championships. In return for using their rehearsal space, the street dancers must work alongside ballet dancers from the Royal Dance School.

This promises to be a real treat for fans of 3D TV and film, especially for those who are lucky enough to receive a 3D-enabled TV as a Christmas present this year. However, the only way you will be able to hook up your 3D TV and enjoy StreetDance 3D courtesy of the BBC is with HDMI 1.4 cables.

HDMI 1.4 cables are the only cables of their kind to support 3D technology, and they will help you to get the best out of your viewing experience. With your 3D TV installed and connected using HDMI cables, all you will need to do is reach for the last of the mince pies and enjoy a stunning 3D presentation of one of last year’s hit dance films.