Electronic devices can be a great gift idea, especially if the recipient is a fan of home entertainment or is a technology buff.

Many people are planning to buy their friends, family members and loved ones a home electronics gift this Christmas, with the most popular choices being smartphones, HD TVs, games consoles, laptops and mp3 players.

If you do decide to buy someone you know a gift like this for Christmas, it is very important that you also remember to get hold of all the accessories they will need to start enjoying their gift right away. There is nothing more annoying on Christmas Day than finding out that you will need to wait a few days (until the shops open) to start watching your new TV or playing games on your new games console.

This is why you should make HDMI cables and other accessories as much of a priority as the choosing of the gift itself. Make sure you buy a compatible specification of HDMI cable, and include it as part of your gift, to ensure the recipient has a fantastic experience on Christmas Day.