If you take a look at the back of your home entertainment system (usually behind your TV stand or cabinet), will you find a terrifying tangle or wires and cables? This is the case for many people.

This cluttered arrangement can not only make your living room look a mess; it can also make it difficult for you to access certain parts of your home entertainment system.

So, what is the solution? You ideally need to cut down on the number of wires and cables you use, but if all of these are in use and are important, you need another solution. The answer could be to replace all of your analogue connector cables – SCART cables, S-video and composite video cables – with HDMI cables.

One of the main benefits of HDMI cables is that they are able to carry digital audio and video signals in the same cable. So, where you would previously need separate cables, one for audio and one for video, now you only need one HDMI cables.

If you want to streamline your system even further, why not choose ultra-flat HDMI cables? These can be discretely hidden under carpets and floors, as well as behind skirting boards and along walls.