Unless you have experience shopping for electronics accessories, you are likely to only know the bare minimum about them. This can make picking out the right one for you a bit tricky, especially as there is so much choice available.

One of the most frequently asked questions about electronics devices and accessories relates to HDMI cables, and it is – why are there so many different versions of HDMI cables available?

The answer to this is that HDMI specifications are constantly evolving, similarly to the way other technologies evolve. In the past, there were only basic analogue TVs and VHS players, then along came DVD players, Blu-ray players, HD LCD TVs and other enhanced technologies. We are now in an age where many people have 3D enabled TVs and games consoles in their homes.

In order to keep up with all of these changes, HDMI specifications are revised every few years. New features and support capabilities are added with each new version. This means that the latest cables, HDMI 1.4 cables, are the most compatible with the latest technologies used in home electronics, as they have been developed with modern changes in mind.