Too many people these days are clinging onto old, outdated forms of technology in their homes, simply because they don’t what else is out there. But by doing so, these people are missing out on an exciting new world of home entertainment and gaming.

Take the example of HDMI cables, which have pretty much replaced traditional analogue connectors such as SCART leads and S-Video cables. The reason they have done so is because they are digital connectors capable of supporting a whole range of different devices and technologies, whilst their analogue predecessors simply can’t keep up.

HDMI connectivity is now feature in millions of electronics products worldwide, including DVD and Blu-ray players, HD and 3D TVs, monitors and projectors, digital cameras and camcorders, games consoles and even smartphones. As long as you have the right HDMI cable and a port to connect it with, the way you use your gadgets and electronic devices will change completely. The possibilities are endless.

So, don’t hang on to your old cables – it’s time to make the leap to HDMI cables and start enjoying all that modern technology has to offer.