When shopping for HDMI cables, you may be surprised at the range of different cables there are available. Some people mistakenly believe that all HDMI cables are the same, but this isn’t the case at all.

One of the options you may come across when buying new HDMI cables are gold-plated cables, which may be a little more expensive than the standard variety. But are these cables worth the extra money? How do they work, and what benefits do they offer to the user?

The main reason gold-plated HDMI cables exist is to provide optimum signal clarity, working alongside a range of other features, from oxygen free copper cables, solver soldering and gas-injected dielectrics, to ensure that the signal is as strong, clear and uninterrupted as possible.

What this means for the viewer is that there is never any loss of signal or any interruption to your viewing or gaming experience, and it also looks quite good too.

You can even find high-speed gold plated HDMI cables, or gold-plated HDMI cables with Ethernet too, if you want to boost the quality and speed of your home entertainment system even further.