HDMI 1.4 cables are the newest version of HDMI cable available, and the specification has been revised so that many more features and functions have been added.

One of these new features is the Ethernet Channel, which is included on most HDMI 1.4 cables. This enables you to enjoy a whole world of new possibilities when using this HDMI link to connect devices in your home entertainment system, including:

Content distribution. This means that devices that are connected via the HDMI Ethernet Channel can exchange digital content. This means that content can be recorded, stored and played back, without the need for a separate Ethernet cable.

Home entertainment networking. The Ethernet Channel in HDMI 1.4 cables is able to accommodate both current and future IP-based networking solutions for home electronics, to provide a single cable solution for connecting devices.

Sharing an Internet connection. This enables your Internet-ready entertainment devices, from Blu-ray players to games consoles, can now share an Internet connection, without you needing to plug in separate Ethernet cables.

Essentially, an HDMI 1.4 cable with Ethernet is both a digital connection interface and an Ethernet cable, all in one handy package.