Anyone who has a home entertainment system and an interest in consumer electronics will be well aware that new technologies in this field are being worked on all the time.

However, there is always the danger that new technology could render other devices and electronics accessories obsolete. This has already happened with analogue cables, traditionally used to connect TVs and other displays with sound systems, VHS players and other components. These cables cannot be used with some of the new digital products, such as some HD LCD TV models, for example.

HDMI cables have now taken over this market, but not all HDMI cables are suitable for some of the latest home entertainment releases. Two examples of this are 3D and 4K, which are only supported by the most recently introduced connection interface, HDMI 1.4 cables.

4K is an exceptionally high resolution for digital film, as well as computer graphics. You used to only be able to find 4K (so called because its horizontal resolution is roughly 4,000 pixels) in cinemas, but an increasing number of home entertainment devices now feature it. If you want a 4K device in your home, you will need an HDMI 1.4 cable.