Anyone who has ever used an HDMI cable before will know that this digital technology is far superior to any of the analogue cables that came before it, and it is also more suitable for emerging technologies in the home entertainment market.

However, some people insist on hanging on to their old analogue cables, such as SCART and S-Video for example, despite the fact that they are fast becoming outdated. If you need persuading to make the switch to HDMI cables, take a look at the following three reasons why HDMI is the way forward:

1. Ease of use. HDMI cables are able to carry both audio and video signals, so there is no need to have two separate cables. This can halve the number of cables you need to connect in your home entertainment system.

2. Quality. HDMI is a digital interface, so it does not need to convert signals to digital like analogue cables do. This means there is no loss of signal and quality is exemplary, especially in high resolution displays where images are sharper and brighter.

3. Intelligence. HDMI cables are able to support two-way communication between devices, so that they can automatically deliver the right formats without the viewer having to lift a finger.