Buying an HDMI cable isn’t quite as simple as it may first appear. Not all HDMI cables are the same, and there are a few decisions you will have to make to find your ideal solution. One of these decisions relates to HDMI cable connectors, and here are the options you will have to choose from:

Casing and materials

You can lose signal strength by choosing cheap molded plastic HDMI connectors, which is why you should look for cables which offer gold or silver plated connectors, or even die-cast HDMI cables.

Connector type

In total, there are five HDMI cable connector types. These are:

Type A – this is the standard 19 pin connector, with enough bandwidth to support for everything from EDTV and SDTV to HDTV.
Type B – this 29 pin connector offers double the bandwidth of Type A connectors, so you can use it with very high resolution displays
Type C – this is a mini connector found in HDMI 1.3 cables, and it is designed for use with portable devices. It is essentially a mini version of the Type A connector
Type D – this is a micro connector which looks like an USB connector
Type E – this is an Automotive Connection System used to implement HDMI in vehicles