HDMI cables come with many different connector types, as well in a number of different versions and a range of lengths. This is to ensure that they can be used for virtually scenario, so that you are never inconvenienced and can always enjoy the superior quality and performance HDMI is known for.

If you plan to run your cables for greater than standard distances, you will need to buy long HDMI cables. You can find HDMI cables that are up to 25 metres in length, but the question most people ask is whether these long cables are able to offer the same quality?

Generally speaking, most standard HDMI cables can offer the same signal quality up to a length of 10 metres, after which point a repeater may need to be used. However, there are some specialist products which are specially designed to compensate for weaker signals, so that longer cables can be used.

If you need an HDMI cable that is longer than 10 metres, look for those which offer super speeds, signal boosters, Mylar shielding, repeaters and amplifiers, as these are all features which will increase the signal strength in the cable.