s you will know if you have ever browsed online for HDMI cables, some of the many versions of HDMI cables come with different types of connectors.

One of the most useful is the HDMI micro connector, which is generally available with HDMI 1.4 cables. This micro connector closely resembles the standard (Type A) HDMI cable, in its shape and in its 19 pin layout, but in miniature. This compact cable connector can also do everything that standard HDMI cable connectors can, and includes all of the amazing features and functions of the HDMI 1.4 specification.

The biggest benefit of the HDMI cable micro connector is that it can be used to connect up and add HDMI functionality to a wide range of portable devices. As long as there is an HDMI port available, you can use the micro connector on your:

• Mobile phone or smartphone
• Digital camera
• Camcorder
• Portable media player and MP3 player
• Laptop or tablet computer

In short, the micro connector can be used on any portable device which requires HDMI quality but where space is at a premium. Simply look for an HDMI port, then plug in your cable and start enjoying the many benefits HDMI has to offer.