The brilliant features and functions offered by HDMI cables are too many to possibly describe in detail, but there are a couple that stand out more than others. One of the most popular features amongst viewers and home entertainment fans is Intelligent Communication.

What is Intelligent Communication?

HDMI has allowed the manufacturers of consumer electronics products to include two-way communication in their devices. This enables a world of new functionality, where devices can communicate with each other without you, the viewer, having to lift a finger.

A key example of this type of communication is one-touch play. This is where you press one button on one remote control, and watch as your HD TV, surround sound system and all other connected components power up at once, ready for you to use.

Another example is automatic configuration. This is where your HDMI-enabled TV is able to adjust itself to the appropriate format, say if the content switches unexpectedly from widescreen to standard 4:3. There is no need for you to scroll through menus to find and select the correct format, as your HDMI cable effectively does the hard work for you.