When you shop for new electronics devices for your home entertainment system, you need to ensure that you also get the right HDMI cables to enable you to connect everything up. However, there are also a few HDMI-related questions you need to ask about the device itself, before you buy it.

How many HDMI ports does it have?

Some devices, such as HD TV sets, have three or four HDMI ports, whilst others only have one or two. You need to work out how many you think you will need, depending on how many devices you want to connect together. If there aren’t enough ports but you have set your heart on a particular device, you can buy an HDMI splitter which will give you access to many additional HDMI cable ports.

What version of HDMI cable is it compatible with?

Rather than focusing on the version number, you should look at what features the device has and see which cables offer compatible support. So, if you’re buying a 3D TV, you will need an HDMI 1.4 cable as it is the only version with support for 3D technology.