Some people who are unwilling to make the switch from analogue connectors to digital HDMI cables are able to carry on enjoying their home entertainment systems as normal. However, this becomes more difficult the more new devices and components you add, as nearly all newly released home electronics devices depend heavily on HDMI cables.

Amongst the many devices which use HDMI cables, the main ones are:

• HD TV sets
• 3D TV sets
• DVD players
• Blu-ray players
• HD digital cameras and camcorders
• 3D and HD projectors
• Games consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360
• Tablet computers
• Smartphones
• Mp3 players
• Laptops and some desktop pcs

To put it simply, you will make life much easier for yourself by using HDMI cables, as they are compatible with most of the devices you use in your home entertainment system every day.

There is no reason not to use HDMI cables and abandon outdated analogue connectors, however familiar you may be with the latter. HDMI cables offer countless benefits, including faster, more secure connections, support for the latest technologies and the need to use fewer cables as they incorporate sound and video in just one cable.