Browsing online for HDMI cables, the endless lists of technical specifications, functions and features can be quite overwhelming. However, you want to ensure you are buying HDMI cables that offer good value for money with an extensive range of good features, as well as being the best suited to your home entertainment needs.

When shopping online for HDMI cables, look out for the following features:

• At least 15.3 GBPS bandwidth
• Up to 2160p resolution
• A high speed Ethernet channel
• Gold or silver plating (24 Carat) for a better signal
• Support for 3D technology
• An Audio Return Channel (ARC)
• Full support for Deep Colour spaces
• Triple Mylar Shielding
• Nitrogen gas injected cables
• Suitability for in-wall use
• Fast delivery (ideally, next-day delivery)
• A decent warranty of at least five years (some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties, which is a good indication of the quality of the product)

You don’t necessarily need your HDMI cable to have every single one of these features. However, the more advanced features on offer the better your home entertainment experience will be, but you may find these HDMI cables to be a little more expensive.