One of the best things about giving gifts to your friends and loved ones is watching them enjoy their presents right away. This is why it is important to include everything they need to use their gift on Christmas Day itself. So, if you are buying a home entertainment gift, this means wrapping up an HDMI cable or two along with everything else.

So, if you are planning to buy a new HD or 3D LCD TV for your loved one, you will need to include an appropriate HDMI cable (the ideal choices are HDMI 1.4 cables) so that everything can be connected up and enjoyed right away.

If you forget it and the recipient doesn’t have an appropriate cable to hand, they will have to wait until after Christmas, when the shops are open again. This could take several days, which will be very disappointing for the recipient of your gift.

The same goes for any home electronics device you give as a gift this Christmas, from DVD players and Blu-ray players to games consoles and sound systems. You may even want to include an HDMI cable if you are planning to buy smartphones, laptops or tablet computers for a friend or loved one this year.