Due to the huge amount of choice available nowadays when it comes to home entertainment technology, some of us are finding that are existing set-ups simply aren’t up to the task.

If you have a number of devices that need plugging into the mains, but don’t have enough plug sockets available, you can now use a multi-socket extension cable. To solve a similar problem, the makers of HDMI products have now come out with something known as an HDMI splitter.

An HDMI splitter is designed to give you access to many more HDMI cable ports, so that you can connect and enjoy as many different HDMI-enabled devices as you like. Most TVs, AV receivers and other devices have up to two or three ports, but some have only one.

If you need to connect more devices than the number of ports you have available, use an HDMI splitter. These compact boxes have a number of extra HDMI ports, so you can use your HDMI cables to connect everything up easily. What’s more, HDMI splitters also allow you to control all connected devices using just one remote. This makes switching between devices much, much easier.