Intel plans more diversity with Thundebolt

The MSI Z77A-GD80 is one of the first desktop motherboards featuring a Thunderbolt connection. Although apart from Apple devices, the Thunderbolt interface is rarely found Intel is working on plans for future endorsement. According to Jeff Austin, head of the desktop processor and platform marketing group, the introduction of PCI-Express Adapter cards to equipment desktop PC with Thunderbolt port are something that could be realised. As of now not concrete details are available, but he confirmed that the use of a Displayport signal through a Thunderbolt-Adapter card is still problem, with a solution pending.

According to the PC World is Intel working on a Thunderbolt via PCI Express 3.0 solution that could even increase the data transfer rate. It will be a while until this solution will be market ready. This is beside the fact that the first platform for Workstations and Servers based on the LGA2011-Prozessore is available already. Also the Ivy-Bridge-Chips are expected to feature PCIe 3.0 in the near future.

Neither on Intel‘s-Website nor on the Thunderbolt-Technology-Site are any public Thunderbolt-Specification or data sheets available covering the Thunderbolt-Adapter chips L2510 (DSL2510, Eagle Ridge), L2310, 82524EF (Light Ridge), L3510 (Cactus Ridge) or L2210 (Port Ridge). It appears that the time for widespread application for Thunderbolt has not yet arrived.