When looking for advice on buying and using HDMI cables, you might come across some information relating to keeping your HDMI cable connectors seated. But what does this mean?

To keep an HDMI cable connector seated means to keep it connected to the HDMI ports in the devices it is connected to. If you buy a poor quality HDMI cable or one that is too heavy, it could fall out of the device it is connected to. This can interrupt your viewing and prove extremely annoying.

You may also have difficulties keeping your HDMI cable connectors seated if you have connected a cable vertically to a wall-mounted flat panel TV, or if the setup or arrangement of your home entertainment system is badly designed and will not allow you to get a flush fit between your HDMI cables and your devices.

There are a few things you can do to overcome this problem. You can:

• Buy HDMI cables with rotate and swivel heads, as these can be adjusted to fit properly even when placed at awkward angles
• Choose ultra flat HDMI cables, which are not only lightweight but will also fit along walls, in skirting boards and under carpets and floors
• Go for better quality HDMI cables every time