The latest development in the cutting edge world of home entertainment, head-mounted 3D display glasses, have spawned a new product.

The Moverio, recently unveiled by Epsom, looks like a high-tech pair of glasses and packs a big tech punch with 0.52 inch screen for each eye. Each display lens is transparent too so you are aware of your environment; great to sync in with the coming wave of augmented reality software on the horizon.

These clever glasses, hooked up by HDMI cable to a portable film of game player, give the impression that you’re actually watching a massive 320-inch screen even though you can fit them in your bag.

The Moverio connects using an HDMI cable to a 1GB capacity, Wi-Fi enabled device which you can use on the move for up to 6 hours. This addition to the world of head-mounted display devices sounds like it would be great for taking the edge off for long boring train journeys.

Released in Japan on 25th of  November, the Moverio BT-100 won’t reach our shores for a while, but you should be able to pick up a set from Japan for around 320 quit, plus the usual import and shipping fees.