If the last time you bought an HDMI cable was a couple of years ago, you may not realise that there have been a couple of new HDMI cable versions introduced. Each version is an update of the one that came before it, so it is usually worth buying the newer version.

The latest version available is HDMI 1.4 cables. It is not absolutely essential that you buy this version if you have a standard home entertainment system (i.e. if you plan to connect up devices such as games consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players to an LCD HD TV). An HDMI 1.3a, 1.3b, or 1.3c cable will be perfectly fine for standard setups.

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to upgrade to the latest version, however. The revision to the specification of HDMI 1.4 cables involved the addition of a few new features, including support for 3D, support for super-high resolutions, the Ethernet channel and the Audio Return Channel.

This means that if you have or are planning to buy a super high resolution or a 3D-enabled TV, you will need to buy HDMI 1.4 cables.