Not all connections you need to make in your home entertainment system are as straightforward as you’d like them to be, as there are awkward angles, tight spaces and other logistical problems to overcome. This can result in damage to your HDMI cables when you try to connect them, as well as unnecessary stress put on HDMI ports and sockets.

To overcome this problem, there are two options to consider. The first is an HDMI cable angle adapter, a small right-angle shaped device used in place of bending your HDMI cables by 90 degrees.

If you don’t have the space for an HDMI cable angle adapter, or you’d rather not splash out on yet another device or accessory, you could choose rotate and swivel HDMI cables instead.

These rotating HDMI cables come with a connector head that can be adjusted to fit any angle, no matter how awkward or tight. You may have to pay a tiny bit more for rotating HDMI cables than standard versions, but they can make life much easier and your home entertainment system much neater. What’s more, you can even extend the life of your cables and your devices by avoiding having to bend and twist the cables themselves.