There are hundreds and possibly even thousands of products out there that can be connected to your home entertainment system using HDMI cables. All you have to do is to take your pick, design your own dream home entertainment system, then make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the very latest technology.

The Sky+ HD box is one such innovation, which many TV and film fans swear by these days. This amazing device allows you to view the widest range of High Definition TV channels in the UK, as well as being able to store up to 60 hours of hand-picked HD entertainment. You can record entire series of your favourite shows, and you can even do this using your mobile phone.

It isn’t enough to simply buy the Sky+ HD package from Sky, however. You will need a Sky+ HD box (which the company will supply you with) as well as an HD ready TV and importantly, HDMI cables to connect everything up. HDMI cables were made for this kind of advanced digital technology, so they really are the best cabling choice you can make.