During a web seminar that updated viewers on goings-on within several cabling-standards-making organizations, Nexans’ technical manager for standards and technology Paul Vanderlaan explained that the TIA TR-42.7 Subcommittee has selected “Category 8” as the nomenclature for the next-generation twisted-pair cabling specifications they are in the early stages of developing.

The most recent TR-42.7 meeting was held the week of October 1, and Vanderlaan stressed in the presentation that progress on the next-generation twisted-pair cabling specifications is in its earliest stages. One bullet point from Vanderlaan’s presentation effectively sums up that reality:

  • All electrical parameters have TBD values

While no “definites” could be stated, Vanderlaan did say that the alien-crosstalk performance values being discussed suggest that Category 8 will be a shielded system. He also added that the anticipated connector interface will be the RJ-45, but the prospect of backward-compatibility of Cat 8 to previous-generation Category RJ-45 interfaces is not guaranteed.

Vanderlaan’s presentation was one of three delivered during the seminar. The others covered developments in the standardization of bend-insensitive multimode fiber (delivered by OFS’s David Mazzarese) and an overview of the TIA-942-A standard as well as the continuing development of the first addendum to it (presented by CommScope’s Masood Shariff).

Reports from TIA’s TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee and its subcommittees, including TR-42.7, can be accessed from the TIA website here