The space available for a home entertainment system will be different in every home, with some people having less space and more awkward connections to make than others. This is why the manufacturers of crucial accessories such as HDMI cables have come out with a range of what you could call ‘non-standard’ HDMI cables to suit a range of different needs.

The first of these is ultra flat HDMI cables, which are designed to fit under carpets, rugs and floors and in or on walls. They can also be discretely hidden behind bookshelves and under cabinets. They are more versatile than other types and are perfect for those wanting a neater and less cluttered-looking home entertainment system.

You can also find HDMI cables with one angle heads, which are suitable when you have limited space available behind a device’s HDMI port. Another similar product is the HDMI cable which has a rotate and swivel head, which serves the same purpose but is a lot more flexible. These adjustable features allow you to fit in an HDMI cable in very limited spaces, which you simple couldn’t do with a standard cable.