HDMI cables sometimes come with different connectors, and you may find yourself a little confused as to which one you should opt for. Most people will need standard Type A HDMI cable connectors, but there are some cases when you might need a different connector type.

One of these other connectors is the Type E HDMI cable connector, also known as the Automotive Connection System. This connector has been specifically designed to add HDMI functionality within vehicles.

How does an Automotive Connection System work?

To use an Automotive Connection System, you will first need to have an in-vehicle HDMI enabled system. You can then use a Standard Automotive HDMI cable to connect external devices, such as digital cameras, camcorders and portable Blu-ray players.

Most people use such an in-vehicle system to play video content on seat-back displays, so as to keep the kids occupied during long car journeys, but there are other uses for it too.

The reason you need a special cable and connector type to add HDMI functionality is because you need a system which is suited to an environment where vibration, noise and heat are all issues.