You might think that all HDMI cables are the same, but this isn’t the case. They vary immensely when it comes to things like the length of the cable, the version and the connector type.

One difference you might note when shopping for HDMI cables is the shape of the connector and the wire. One of the most popular of these amongst home entertainment fans is the ultra flat HDMI cable, because of the many benefits it offers.

Ultra flat HDMI cables differ to standard versions because the cable is flat, rather than round. A flat cable can be useful in a wide range of different situations and home entertainment setups. For example, they can be used:

• Under carpets, rugs and other types of floor covering, without causing an obstruction
• In home entertainment setups where there is limited space available at the back
• Along or behind walls or skirting boards
• In-wall

Ultra flat HDMI cables offer all the same superior features and functions as standard versions, but
a lot of consumers also think that flat HDMI cables look a lot neater and tidier, as they can be hidden and managed much more easily.