Anyone who is a fan of 3D technology will be excited to learn that ViewSonic has launched a brand new 23 inch LED 3D monitor onto the market.

The visual display, computing products and communications company has produced a new 3D monitor which has more impressive features than many others of its kind in the market right now. It includes Tri-Def 2D to 3D gaming conversion, as well as 1920 x 1080 picture resolution. Viewers can also enjoy a dynamic contrast ration of 200,000,000:1 and a super fast response time of 2ms.

The ViewSonic V3D231 monitor also comes with a pair of clip-on 3D lenses, plus a pair of polarised glasses, all included in its very reasonable price.

The monitor has a few different points, including DVI-D, VGA and HDMI 1.4. Provided you use HDMI 1.4 cables, which are generally considered to be the best way to link up advanced home entertainment systems, you will be able to connect the ViewSonic V3D231 to a range of different devices and components. These include Blu-ray 3D players and PS3s, and the monitor is also compatible with Sky 3D.