Stabilized Universal Laptop/Notebook Power Supply - 90W

Stabilized Universal Laptop/Notebook Power Supply - 90W

- Output 15-16-18-19-20-22 Volt - 4000mA; 24 Volt - 3750mA with use of USB outlets - output 15-16-18-19-20-22 volt - 3800mA 24 volt - 3540mA - especially for foreign countries - especially for foreign countries - low weight - measurement: 118 x 55 x 32 mm - cable length AC/DC/USB: 1870/1800/2020 mm
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This new and compact power adapter already meets the requirements of the new international standards like ECO-design, CEC and MEPS. Goal of these standards is a reduction of stand-by-loss, as well as a reduction of CO² emission. Energy savings of up to 96% in "stand-by-mode" compared to conventional power adapters. Save up to 17.65% energy under load. produced as per EuP directive 2005/32/EG EuP = eco-design of energy using products.

- Output 15-16-18-19-20-22 Volt - 4000mA;  24 Volt - 3750mA with use of USB
- Especially for travel
- Low weight
- Measurement: 118 x 55 x 32 mm
- Cable length AC/DC/USB: 1870/1800/2020 mm

- LUH-Plug(3.50 mm x 1.35 mm) compatible with SHARP/DELL - LUJ-Plug (4.75 mm x 1.75/10 mm) compatible with HP, LG X series, Asus, COMPAQ Armada 110,E500,E700,M300,M700 & V300 Series,Evo N110,N200,N400c,N600,N610c,N800c,N800v Prosignia 170,190, Presario 300 & 2800 Series

- UAB-Plug(5.5 mm x 1.75 mm) compatible with ACER -LUAA-Plug (6.50 mm x 1.00/12 mm) compatible with DELL, Amilo, FUJITSU Lifebook A,B,C,E,i,L,P & S Series (NOT compatible with E-6600) PANASONIC Toughbook Series all models SONY Viao SR,GR & VX Series, Vaio F,FX,FXA,GRX,R505 & Z505 Series

- LUE-Plug (5.50 mm x 2.10812 mm) compatible with N@tbook:complient with Acer Aspire one, A110, A110L A110x, A150, A150L, A150x IBM Thinkpad 310 Series, "i"Series i1412 2611-xxx,i1450 2611-xxx,i1451 2611-xxx i1470 2611-xxx,i1471 2611-xxx,i1472 2611-xxx, i1436 2611-xxx,i1500 2611-xxx,i1410 2611-xxx, ii1434 2611-xxx,ii1435 2611-xxx. ACER:AcerNote 350 Series,367,370 Series,390 Series 850 C. AcerNote Light 350 Series,370 Series,380 Series,P100. Extensa 355,390,500,501,502,503 Series,600,610 Series. Travelmate 351,505,506,507 Series,524 Series (NOT compatible with Travelmate 800 Series), HP, Compaq, NEC, Toshiba, Lenovo

- LUG-Plug (5.50 mm x 2.50/12.5 mm) compatible with ACER Acpire 1300 Series,Acernote 367, 390 Series, Extensa 360,390,900,ESS3-391T Series. COMPAQ Evo N115,N160,N180 Series, Presario 700,800, 1000,1200,1600,1700,1800,2700 Series. DELL Inspiron 3000,3200,3500 & 7000 Series. GATEWAY Solo 200,600,1400,1450,5300,5350,9300,9500 & 9550 Series HP Pavilion 2100,3000,3100,4100,6000,6100,7100,N3000, N3100,N3200,N3300 & N5000 Series. TOSHIBA Satellite 1600,1700 & 3000 Series. WINBOOK Winbook XP,XP5,Si,Si2,X1,Z1,J1 Series. IBM Thinkpad A,R,T,X Series,240,365,380,385,390,560, 600,701,770,"i"Series i1460 2621-xxx,i1480 2621-xxx, i1500 2621-xxx,i1420 2621-xxx, BenQ, Joybook Lite

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Additional Information
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